Why&how To Blog — 10 Ways Developers Make Money Coding Course — E06

Dan Fleser
1 min readFeb 8, 2022


Web Developers can make a passive income just by writing blog posts. You don’t need to be an expert content writer. Just share your thoughts with other developers.

Consider, blog as an asset where you’re giving someone a place to rent on a monthly/yearly basis.
You can start by sharing what you are learning if you do not have a blog yet. You can start with the platforms that already exist: medium, dev.to

It’s all about traffic and the audience you can bring to your blog. After getting attention from viewers on your blog posts, you can then start selling them digital products and you can utilize affiliate marketing.

The required knowledge to make traffic:
SEO and Email marketing

In this video series, I share the best ways and how to increase your money income as a web developer while working from home.

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